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A little bit more magic .....

Last week I covered some areas of your body which benefits from massage. There are so many areas which benefit, but in brief, other systems of your body which love massage are: The Nervous System: Massage has a stimulating or sedative effect on the nervous system, depending on the type of massage given. Also, as massage reduces nervous tension, a level of pain relief is achieved too. Balance is restored to your autonomic nervous system and transmission of nerve impulses is improved. The Respiratory System: Provides a decongestive action so helping healing; Tension is released and breathing normalised; Stimulates blood flow to and from the lungs. The Lymphatic System: Helps the flow of lym

The miracle of massage

So what exactly is 'massage'? It represents an art of healing which dates back thousands of years. Any massage manipulates the soft tissue and muscles of the body to gain therapeutic benefit. Touch is a vital part of our lives and can relax us, reduce pain, help digestion, help lower blood pressure and so much more. A qualified massage therapist will use their fingers, hands, forearms and special tools to manipulate the soft tissue and muscles in the way they deem most beneficial to the client. Those benefits are wide reaching. Take your skin: Massage inceases the blood supply so brings oxygen and nutrients to the area; It improves elasticity, even helping scar tissue heal; It removes dead

What is a muscle knot, and what you can do to relieve it

If you have ever suffered from muscle knots, or adhesions, you will know they can be, quite literally, a pain in the neck! Muscle knots are also called 'trigger points'. The tissue connecting your muscle to bone is called 'fascia' and any pain which is felt here or in skeletal muscles is usually as a result of a muscle knot. Any muscle knot can usually be felt as a nodule or tighter tissue when applying pressure to an area. These knots can be thought of as muscle spasms which occur when a muscle is overworked. These knots can occur all over the body but are commonly found in the back and shoulders. Applying pressure can ease the pain and regular massage will help reduce the tension and re


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