Holistic/Swedish Massage

Massage is the ancient art of healing through the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body.  Touch is vital and the most natural way of promoting well being and helping to relieve pain and discomfort.  It relaxes tired muscles, as well as aiding digestion, lowering blood pressure and promoting good circulation of the blood and lymph.

Holistic massage therapists use their fingers, hands, forearms and sometimes elbows to manipulate the muscles and soft tissue.  The focus is general and the strokes used are long, kneading, wringing and vibrating or tapping.

There have been various studies produced on the effects of massage, but generally it is recognised that regular massage relieves pain, reduces stress, eases anxiety or depression and aids relaxation and general wellness.  It has many benefits on the skin, the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, the endocrine system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the urinary system and the reproductive system, so every system of the body!

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