LaStone UK Massage

LaStone therapy originated in Tucson, Arizona, United States, in 1993, thanks to Mary Nelson.  It is a geothermal therapy which uses heated and chilled stones to work on the body and, if selected, also for placement under and on the body during treatments.  LaStone therapy uses deep, penetrating massage techniques as well as highly effective energy work if required.

The therapy has a chemical, physical and spiritual effect, promoting natural healing and wellbeing.  It is all about balance.  LaStone goes beyond the physical experience of a massage, and gives deeper dimensions of relaxation and well-being.

LaStone therapy has its foundations in some of the oldest, most tried and tested therapies known to man.  Stones have been used in ceremonies and treatments going back to the Incas, the Shang Dynasty of China and ancient Egypt.

The alternate application of heated and chilled temperatures is known as thermotherapy and was documented as early as the 18th Century.  LaStone uses the same alternating temperatures.  It is referred to as geothermotherapy because the Eart (geo) is used to deliver the termperature, through the stones.

LaStone uses mainly basalt stones for applying heat, and marble stones for applying cool treatment.  Contrary to popular belief, the hot stones should never be left directly on the skin in one place.

What you can expect with the treatment:

When the spinal layout is used in the Full body and facial treatments, the basalt stones and marble stones are placed under the client for the first part of the treatment.  The stones help with balance and have a wonderful energy of their own.  Basalt and marble stones are also placed on top of the client, on the chakras promoting well-being and total relaxation.  The stones all help the client feel connected and secure.

The massage is carried out using the warm basalt stones and some cool marble stones.  Don't be alarmed about the cool stones, these feel wonderfully refreshing and are essential to the treatment.  In particular, the cool stones work beautifully on inflamed and sore areas.  The cool stones are also used at the end of the treatment to 'awaken' the client. With the LaStone facials, crystals are also used, particularly Rose Quartz and Jade.