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The miracle of massage

So what exactly is 'massage'? It represents an art of healing which dates back thousands of years. Any massage manipulates the soft tissue and muscles of the body to gain therapeutic benefit.

Touch is a vital part of our lives and can relax us, reduce pain, help digestion, help lower blood pressure and so much more.

A qualified massage therapist will use their fingers, hands, forearms and special tools to manipulate the soft tissue and muscles in the way they deem most beneficial to the client.

Those benefits are wide reaching. Take your skin: Massage inceases the blood supply so brings oxygen and nutrients to the area; It improves elasticity, even helping scar tissue heal; It removes dead skin cells and improves circulation. Your bones also benefit: Massage reduces strain in your joints; It brings nutrients to joints; It increases the range of movement in the joints and can improve posture. The muscles are helped: Massage reduces pain and inflammation; It improves muscle tone; It reduces the formation of adhesions or muscle knots; It relieves tension; It improves blood supply to the muscles and prevents muscle atrophy.

This is just the start, next time I will cover other systems of the body which benefit. Massage should be part of our everyday lives, it's so good for us. If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?

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