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Last week I covered some areas of your body which benefits from massage. There are so many areas which benefit, but in brief, other systems of your body which love massage are:

The Nervous System: Massage has a stimulating or sedative effect on the nervous system, depending on the type of massage given. Also, as massage reduces nervous tension, a level of pain relief is achieved too. Balance is restored to your autonomic nervous system and transmission of nerve impulses is improved.

The Respiratory System: Provides a decongestive action so helping healing; Tension is released and breathing normalised; Stimulates blood flow to and from the lungs.

The Lymphatic System: Helps the flow of lymph through the body, reducing swelling, removing lactic acid from muscles, helping remove toxins and stimulating the immune system.

The Endocrine System: Produces more of your 'Feel Good' hormones, endorphins. Reduces adrenaline and balances the body in general.

The Circulatory System: Increases blood flow to tissue and therefore brings more nutrition; Lowers blood pressure and increases the number of red blood cells.

The Digestive system: Helps metabolism and assists movement of waste through the system. Stimulates the activity of the kidneys and liver, helping reduce toxins.

The Urinary System: Aids the removal of toxins and waste.

The Reproductive System: Balances your hormones and reduces anxiety.

As well as the benefits to your systems, mentally a massage helps improve your sleep pattern, improves your energy level, helps you relax and helps heal your body.

All in all, a massage should be part of your regular routine!

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