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What is so special about LaStone treatments?

There are a lot of hot stone treatments available, but LaStone treatments are unique. LaStone uses geothermal technology, applying both heated and chilled stones to the body, and it's all about balance.

Using heated stones which penetrate deeply, then alternating with chilled stones, s chemical reaction is brought about within the systems of our bodies. Circulation rapidly changes and blood flow increased which aids the detoxification process. All body areas continue to respond for 72 hours after a LaStone treatment and during this time healing occurs.

When a heated stone is applied to the body, there is immediately extra blood flow to the area which is taken from other areas such as the central organs and the brain. This makes the client feel very tired, and the contrasting application of chilled stones will then create a perfect balance. The chilled stones will also ease inflammation and pain, as well as toning the skin, leaving the client feeling refreshed and relaxed as opposed to 'dazed'. Try a treatment yourself, we have special offers on at the moment, take a look here.

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