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Moroccan Magic

For those of you who haven't experienced a 'Face The World' treatment I urge you to give it a try. This company was launched in 2011 by Liz Badger and uses ethical skin-care products and bespoke music compilations to accompany the treatments.

The Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage is a new treatment using a special candle made from soy, Shea butter, argan oil and other skin-refining nutrients. When the candle has melted the oil is used to massage the skin. The was melts at a low temperature so is perfectly safe to use on the skin. This is a wonderful treatment which is so much more than just a back massage.

You will receive an exfoliation treatment with the therapist using Kesha mitts and smooth black beldi soap. The Moroccan Rose massage candle is then used as the therapist performs a relaxing back massage with a unique 'Face the World' CD soundtrack promoting further relaxation and feeling of well being.

The benefits include:

Relief of lower back pain

Improved circulation

Relief of tension in upper back

Stimulation of lymphatic drainage

Helps remove toxins

Reduction in stiffness

Improvement in flexibility

Improvement in sleep

Helps healing process

Reduces stress

It should be noted that the candles do contain almond oil so may not be suitable for anyone with a nut allergy.

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