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Look after your feet, they take you around the world!

Happy Easter! I hope you are all enjoying your extended weekend.

I have just completed another Face The World course which was great fun. I am now able to offer Thai Foot Massage which was an amazing treatment to learn and I can't wait to pass on the benefit to clients.

Thai foot massage is a blend of Chinese reflexology/acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principals and some Japanese Shiatsu. It is a wonderful, holistic treatment which originated in Thailand around 2000 years ago. The massage begins with deep breathing and stretching of the legs, followed by a massage of the feet. This is all set to beautiful, unique music giving a cultural experience as well as a physical one.

The treatment provides lots of benefits:

Encourages a healthy blood circulation

Eases arthritic aches and pains

Aids mobility and flexibility of the joints

Helps break down uric acid build up that can crystallise in the feet

Increases lympahtic drainage

Invigorates tired feet and legs

Helps prevent blood and lymph pooling, preventing early onset of varicose veins and burst capillaries

The reflexology principals within a Thai foot massage gives benefit to the whole body.

As a special introductory offer, for the entire month of April you can receive this wonderful treatment for the special price of £25 instead of the usual £30! Just mention 'BOUNCEINTOAPRIL' when booking!

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