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Want a really different facial treatment? .... Seek out LaStone UK ... You're welcome!

My journey with LaStone UK began with a Rose Quartz facial. Like no other treatment I had received, it impressed and I sought to learn how to give this amazing treatment to others.

Now, a few years later, the same treatment has been revamped, adding another dimension to the original facial. The treatment is aptly named Stone FaceSculpt.

For those of you not familiar with LaStone Therapy, stones and crystals are used with alternating temperatures and also incorporates energy work. The treatments all produce both sedative and energising responses to the body. LaStone provides deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and wellbeing.

The original Rose Quartz facial always used Rose Quartz, crystals and basalt but now it includes the use of basalt and Rose Quartz 'wings', specially shaped stones which enhance the effect of the moves.

The basalt wings are a grounding stone which are used heated to relax facial muscles and ease any stress. The circulation is stimulated, bringing new blood to the area to aid repair and renewal.

The Rose Quartz crystal wings encourage deep relaxation. They are also used warm and help tone and brighten the skin. Rose Quartz is often called the 'Love Stone'. It has always been associated with helping to reverse the signs of ageing and raising self-esteem. It can help the client regain femininity following childbirth, menopause and surgery too.

The white Calcite marble wings are used cool. Marble is used for protection, promoting meditation and supporting common sense. The marble helps remove excess heat from the body and is ideal to help inflamed, irritated or flushed skin. These wings help reduce puffiness and sinus congestion, stimulate the lymphatics and tone the skin.

Another new introduction to the treatment is the White Jade wands. These are used warm and cool. Jade is known as the 'Dream Stone' and is said to promote harmony between the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of your life. These wands help with fluid retention, dark circles and bags around the eyes.

The repetitive lifting strokes used naturally encourages the muscles to lift and tone. Naturally maintaining a youthful appearance doesn't get much more natural than this.

The oil used with the massage strokes is Monoi oil which is an infused oil made from soaking Tahitian gardenia flower petals in coconut oil. It is a naturally concentrated emollient which re-hydrates the layers of the epidermis and shields the skin from sun and wind damage. In the precious pots of oil used in this LaStone treatment, a small Rose Quartz crystal has been added to provide an infusion of love which resonates with all the stones used during the treatment.

Go holistic, go natural, try it and experience the benefits of stones.

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