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The whole you ... holos

People often ask me "What does 'Holistic' mean?" ....

My interpretation of the meaning of the term is that any treatment or method described as holistic is as much about the approach to the problem as to the treatment itself. To be treated holistically is to have your whole being treated, so the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of you.

The word 'holistic' comes from the greek word 'holos' meaning "all, whole, entire". The aim is to provide natural pain relief, overall good health, to help obtain a well-balanced lifestyle and to encourage the use of natural products and methods.

In my experience, people generally find it harder to seek help for emotional pain than for physical pain. In truth, the two are linked. An imbalance in your mental health will often lead to physical pain and physical issues. Sometimes, nurturing and encouraging natural wellbeing will have better results than downing numerous pills. That said, complementary therapies are just that, they complement the essential medical treatments. But play your cards right, and some medical treatments may be preventable and unnecessary if you have a balanced lifestyle.

By generally improving digestion, the immune system and your way of thought, in a natural way, a balance can be created leading to a healthier, happier person. There are so many therapies which heal in a holistic manner, give them a go! Try massage therapy, acupressure, hypnotherapy, reflexology, kinesiology, to name but a few. If there is a therapy you want to try which I don't provide, contact me, I know lots of fabulous therapists who provide a whole host of holistic therapies.

Start the year with a promise to yourself to improve you and to give yourself the attention you deserve.

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