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Energy Healing, a fascinating journey

My journey into holistic therapy began with LaStone. Following a Rose Quartz facial I received, my world was changed. It was always the natural, holistic approach of the treatment which captured me, along with the amazing results. I tracked down Lesley Masterson, who owns LaStone UK, and pleaded with her to teach me how to do this facial. This catapulted me onto the path of a new career and I soon qualified as a Level 3 Massage therapist.

The wonder of natural stones and crystals never ceases to draw me in. If I sit on a pebble beach, my hands will constantly seek and find new stones, interesting stones, different stones. Just the action of touching the stones calms me and grounds me.

Following a wonderful ski holiday in the mountains of France in March, finding that I was no longer allowed to carry out any of my treatments proved very hard. So when we learned we could finally welcome clients again, I was very happy to find that LaStone UK was going to run a course to help us reconnect with the stones and learn other wonderful ways of introducing energy healing into the treatments.

Needless to say, the day was lovely, and the conclusion? .... Energy is everything!

A healthy body has a vibrational frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz. We all have our own Energy Field, or Aura. LaStone treatments work on the physical body and also affect a client's Aura. I attended an Energy course a few years ago and learnt how to perform a LaStone treatment called Castle Building. Following the latest course, I learnt how several other energy healing techniques can be incorporated into this wonderful treatment.

Adding essential oils can raise our vibrational frequency. Such oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. Essential oils have frequencies of between 52 to 580 MHz. This is certainly going to be something I look into further. To use the oils to heal clients, you need a professional qualification. These oils are serious bits of 'equipment'.

After the aromatherapy, came the introduction to Vibrational therapy. I have frequently used this in LaStone treatments, by using piezo. Some examples of technology which have benefited from Piezo-electric research are ultrasound, microphone, radio transmitters and watches. Gently tapping basalt stones against each other is a piezo technique. Vibrations are produced which travel into the body. As the body is mostly liquid, it responds to vibrations from sound. Using sound generating tools during treatments, can soothe and promote harmony and balance in the body.

I had the pleasure of using some very beautiful Tibetan bowls, rain sticks, chimes, tuning forks and drums. The calming effect was absolute. Adding some amazing, beautiful crystals to the day, was the energetic icing on the cake.

I have now acquired a gorgeous quartz eye mask to use during some of my treatments. I also have two new massage wands made from Ruby Fuchsite which offers strong emotional support and self reflection during difficult times, something most people can relate to at the moment. Looking for another third eye stone to use, I came across an amazing Petroskey teardrop shape stone. Petroskey stone is a rock and a fossil and is reported to help us recognise and acknowledge our emotions, as well as helping to develop our intuitive abilities.

I am so happy to be able to offer all treatments again although the longer treatments have a reduced duration time for the time being. To honour my time spent with crystals, I am offering a special offer on the LaStone Stone FaceSculpt facial, which incorporates amazing Rose Quartz and White Jade. For the rest of this month and for the month of September, you can book this facial for the special price of £25 instead of the normal £40!

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