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Green with envy over JADE!

When I trained with LaStone UK, I knew that I was receiving training from no ordinary treatment provider. The treatments were not simply 'hot stone massage', they were Geothermal therapy. Using the stones both heated and cooled, and understanding what the differences in temperatures means, takes such treatments to a whole new level.

Following recent research, the wonders of Jade have now been discovered in respect of its healing benefits.

Although Jade is usually thought of as being just green, it can in fact be white, yellow, pink, orange, brown or lavender. It has been referred to as the Dream Stone. On a spiritual level, it is said to help with giving peace and harmony in all aspects of life. It is a cleansing stone, reported to aid with healing in a truly holistic way.

When used in LaStone FaceTherapy it can help improve the quality of the skin and lessen the formation of lines, helping to tighten and lift. Who would not want to try this out?!

In LaStone BodyTherapy, Jade can help with both Chronic and Acute conditions. It is therefore a real all-rounder, providing holistic benefits to your entire body.

I will be announcing specific new treatments very soon, which will be available once I can re-open. In the meantime, the jade stones and tools have all been getting some extra energy boost themselves, relaxing in the spring sun this week, ready to get to work on clients! As you will see from the last photo, the beautiful Jade sphere is already attracting visitors to its energy!!

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