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The Foundation of my therapy

For whatever reason, I have always been drawn to stones. My toes have wriggled around on many a beach and my bare feet have walked along numerous stone paths. My hands have caressed an awful lot of granite and my fingers have investigated and held onto lots and lots of crystals and pebbles .....

It was probably always my destiny to make a living out of using stones and crystals, but it did take me a long time to find that right path. Once I had found it though, I have never felt so at peace and happy. Right now, as I type this article, all my basalt and crystals laze happily in the garden, eagerly waiting for the full moon which will be making an appearance on Sunday 28th March. I have not gone mad, there really is science behind the healing powers of these natural resources, as well as our own natural instinct to use them through the ages.....

Thermotherapy and Geothermotherapy

Thermotherapy is the name given to the alternative application of heated and chilled temperatures. We are used to spas now, but they are nothing new. Originally built to improve health, they did become nothing more than a luxurious method of relaxation. I believe they are enjoying a bit of a comeback when it comes to our health and wellbeing now though, 'wellness' being a very buzz word these days.

Hot pools and cold plunge pools are all designed to balance our bodies and promote healing. The term geothermotherapy is used because the Earth (geo) is used to deliver these alternate temperatures (stones/crystals).


It has long been recognised that massage has many, many benefits. Massage is an ancient art of healing achieved through the manipulation of soft tissues. It can relieve pain, reduce stress and benefits every system of the body.

Energy Work

All over the world, ancient cultures have used energy for healing. We all have meridians, auric fields and chakras. Scientific research has confirmed the aura surrounding each of us, is an electromagnetic field of energy which extends around our entire body, for about 4 to 5 feet (in an average, healthy person). It has been confirmed that the matter which appears to be solid in reality, is not! It is actually made up of pure energy, vibrating at a specific frequency which gives matter properties e.g. shape, size, texture. When these particles vibrate, a small electrical impulse is generated in our body. According to the law of physics "When there is an electrical field around a body, a magnetic field automatically develops".

As Albert Einstein concluded "Everything is energy".

The energy that flows through your our body has a vibration which can be measured. When measured, it is expressed as electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Emotions have frequencies too. A healthy human body, usually has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz.

Enter ...... the tools of my trade! .....

Stones are made of a piezoelectric material which produces a voltage when distorted in shape. This shape will physically resonate at a certain frequency (much like a tuning fork). These vibrations and energies work to benefit and uplift our mood, mind and health. Crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans and maximise the healing abilities we already have.

My first and still my favourite treatment, is the Rose Quartz facial. The treatment blew me away because the application of warm Rose Quartz and cool Clear Quartz not only gave me amazing skin and an uplifted look, it resonated within me, grounding me and banishing stress in a way I had never before experienced. The facial has progressed to include wings, much like the Gua Sha tools used in ancient Chinese healing. I now use Rose Quartz, Marble and Basalt in the treatment.

Rose Quartz is all about love, and will fill you with compassion, warmth and tenderness. It is used warm in the facial. The tools used are wands, wings and pebble type stones. These are powerful tools to relieve tension which can so easily build up in the face. This can give an instant 'face-lift'. Rose Quartz emits a soothing piezo vibration which works deeply on a cellular level.

Basalt promotes stability, strength and clarity. It has also been said to enhance the reproductive system and increase fertility! The basalt wings are used warm and instantly relaxes tense facial muscles and stimulates circulation.

White Jade promotes a sense of calmness and peace. It can greatly help with fluid retention, dark circles and bags around the eye area. I use wands made from white jade which are cooled. They are perfect for using around the eyes and mouth and on specific pressure points on the face.

Marble is intrinsically cooler than the ambient temperature so is absolutely perfect for the cool work during stone therapy. It is also used for protection and is said to aid personal success. It can aid meditation and supports common sense and matters of the heart. It will help remove excess heat from the body, and is ideal for inflamed, irritated and flushed skin. I use marble in the form of Gua Sha type wings which will help reduce puffiness or sinus congestion, as well as toning the skin.

I am very excited to be able to open again on the 12th April (hopefully!) and equally excited to be introducing a brand new treatment at the same time. I will be offering a Jade Therapy treatment. Jade has some amazing healing properties. Further details will be released soon!

I am currently booking in those clients who were booked in for sessions which had to be cancelled due to lockdown, but will be tentatively booking in other clients from the 19th April onwards. Contact me to be added to the diary!

Take care. Keep safe. See you soon! x

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